26 November 2007

Stupid Me: a vegetarian rant

Ok, so I'm not like the militant vegetarian type, but when some guy comes off and tells me I'm "stupid" for carrying on the diet I've assumed, all I gotta say is: "You eat dead rotting carcass and baked flesh and you call me 'stupid'? Go visit a slaughterhouse. Better yet, here's a hatchet -- go catch yr own animal and butcher it."

With all due respect to all of my meat-eating friends, the butchery in yr local supermarket is proof that marketing works. They sell you dead animals for you to eat. We've all just gotten used to it because it no longer resembles the animal it once was. Nuggets are the ultimate example of marketed amnesia.

Butcher dogs and cats and see how long those lines at the deli would be.

Go veggie. Take yr vitamins. Live healthy and try your best not to kill things or do things that result in the death of other things. Sometimes there's a little killing that needs to be done around the barn. But, sparingly folks... please.

I'll tell you this, I stopped eating mammals back in my teens and I quit poultry and fish three years ago. With the exception of one crab feast, I haven't knowingly eaten a dead animal in that time. And I didn't go veggie for some political or ethical reason; I went veggie because I thought it might help me get back to a reasonable weight and because folks laughed at me and said I'd never be able to give up chicken. I considered that a great challenge.

But since going on what some folks refer to as a 'strict' diet, I've noticed something peculiar. In fact it was a lot like giving up smoking back when I was in my early twenties. Once I did it, I started to realize that the whole thing was a matter of marketed mind-control. I wonder how many people would choose to eat cattle if they had to be present at the time of death to do it. I wonder how many people would eat beef if it came with the head attached. And those big, beautiful eyes.

That said, I'm no saint. Still wear a leather belt and use a leather guitar strap and I'm not making any excuses. I'm a hypocrite; this I know. Trust me, I know. Listen, I'm not trying to preach; I just don't like to eat dead animals. And please pardon my insouciance and suffer me this moment to rant because I take great exception to being insulted on account of my diet.

Now go eat some tripe. I've got to polish my boots.


mj said...

I think people don't understand vegetarinaism is a healthy option. People are taught (think food pyramid) that you need meat to have a balanced diet. We are also taught we need to make war to have peace.

Kathy said...

Did it help you reach a reasonable weight? I ask this because every vegetarian I personally know is quite overweight. Of course, they might well eschew meat for Twinkies. :)

Shelly Blake-Plock said...

Without giving too much detail, yes it did help me shed about 25 pounds. I'm a good fightin' weight now. Of course, when I went totally veggie, I also quit all fried foods, quit fast food altogether, cut down on beer, and started buying organic. Of course, going veggie actually helped in all those other areas.

Yeah, you can't replace chicken nuggets with Twinkies; unfortunately the body just don't work like that.

mamiesb said...

I agree with MJ. I'd like to add that ignorance of the facts does not excuse aggressive unkindness.

(In light of what I just wrote, calling militant anti-vegetarians utter dumbasses might not be appropriate. So I won't say it.)

Savvy said...

some people can stomach it- thinking of deer hunters who gut and cook their kills. i just recently tried venison- it could easily replace beef for me. delicious bambi.

Blythe said...

I agree with what your saying mamiesb.

But to be honest the majority of anti-vegetarians are clueless, ignorant,insulting and come up with the most pathetic excuses for eating meat.

And the thing about cat or dog meat is absolutely right! Eating your pet is the same as eating any other animal like chickens. What people don't understand is how the meat industry works, either that or try to block out the truth.

Anonymous said...

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