12 November 2007

Deadly Turnips!

I’m pretty sure my last post made no sense at all.

Speaking of things that make no sense at all: what about jícama, the Mexican turnip? This is an edible root I just can’t get my mind around.

I ate this yam-bean for the first time two weekends ago and I just can’t get it out of my mind. I think it had something to do with the fact that sitting on the plate there it looked like potato, but in my mouth it tasted NOTHING like potato. Pretty spooky.

I also come to find out that the root is the only part of the jícama you’d want to eat: because the rest of it is DEADLY!

Wow. Turns out that the seeds contain Rotenone -- which is used as a pesticide.

I need a t-shirt: “I survived eating a pesticidal Mexican turnip”.

Blowfish is next.

1 comment:

mamiesb said...

A blowfish is sure as hell not vegan.

But, you know, in the interest of food sports....