20 November 2007

Is Leonard Cohen a Vegetable?

I am listening to Leonard Cohen over the stereo in the adjoining room. This is not an uncommon evening event.

As I'm here by the keyboard in the kitchen listening to Lenny in the other room singing about 'Dear Heather', the thought popped into my mind to figure what sort of vegetable Leonard Cohen would be if Leonard Cohen happened to be a vegetable -- which he is not.

First thing that came to mind was a radish. Looks attractive, but pretty straightforward; like, you'd perhaps consider asking it for directions. But then you bite into it and -- boom! Avalanche. You didn't even know there was a war between the radish and the human.

Second thing that came to mind was a Savoy cabbage. Strong cabbage flavor, but let it sit for a while in the juices of a potato-stew and you've got yrself one vegetable difficult to evict come Closing Time.

So what veggie is Leonard? This is up to you to decide, fair reader.

1 comment:

cs said...

although technically a fruit I am going to have to say acorn squash - externally not too showy but the innards sure do nourish body and soul on a rainy fall evening!