09 November 2007

Show Tonight / Is a Berry a Fruit?... I'm Rambling

Just got back from a show.

Joel has been in town for a few weeks. He, Eve, and I played a set together two weekends back. This evening it was just he and I. This was actually our first duo performance since the 48 Hour Show. For those of you who didn't catch that one, that was a 48 hour long continuous traveling performance as a duo. For 48 hours we neither slept nor stopped playing music. We traveled from Baltimore to Philadelphia and back again playing everywhere from record stores to public parks to inside office buildings to a rest stop on I-95. And yes, we had the VW retrofitted with amplifiers and synths so that we could actually play in transit at all times as well.

Tonight was a little different than that.

Tonight we played for 22 minutes. And it was 22 minutes of real improvisation. I started on piano and moved to drumkit; Joel played doublebass and a little piano. 22 minutes to discuss musically all that's happened to each of us over the last year and a half. 22 minutes of life.

Tonight was a benefit for University of Maryland Children’s' Cancer Center. There's some brave kids over there. Brave, brave, brave.

So after the show, Joel and I stopped at a WaWa. For our international readers, WaWa is like the Quickie Mart on the Simpsons. I picked out an orange Gatorade and Joel a blue one. In line, we debated whether or not a blueberry was a fruit. I insisted it was. Joel said berries aren't fruits. I said that's ridiculous.

So what of it, friends? Is a berry a fruit?

(These are the thoughts that go through one's mind late on a Friday after a gig and a long drive home).

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Mike said...

I searched the wonderful world wide interweb to find the answer to this question and I found this. "If you like eating it, it is probably a fruit. And if you don't like eating it, then it is probably a vegetable." Therefore I say that berries are fruit. End of discussion.