02 January 2008

Polyglottal Pierogies

Starting the new year off right... a great dinner and a blog post.

This evening's dish: Palak Paneer Pierogies!

Served with marinated Seitan, a side of minced ginger, and a milk chocolate garnish. And of course accompanied by an Alsace Trimbach Riesling!

Nothing says 'yum' like polyglottal pierogies.

Hmm. Where does the word 'yum' come from?


Savvy said...

I am in Texas. Today, I went to Ft Worth. It is a cowboy town, I guess. I had fried green beans. They were delicious! I also learned that a flat iron is a cut off the chuck. But most importantly, and pay attention here, I learned that Rocky Mountain oysters do not come from the Rockies. In fact, they do not even come from water. They come from, as I heard the waitress mutter, a bull's scrotum. Have you tried these "calf fries"?

mj said...

I heard that at bull roasts you can find a table piled high with meat. Ground meat. Probably some scrotum in there too.
Pass me the pierogies please.

Kathy said...

palak paneer, pierogies, seitan...and chocolate? Ugh. That's just too bizarre a combination...lol

Trying to get rid of leftovers, eh?