04 January 2008

Nice Dump

Went to the dump three times today. Had a lot of junk to get rid of and recycle.

There's a long road once you get onto the property of the dump. It leads for about a half mile up to the entrance to the dump proper. And about half-way there, along the side of the service road, there is a gazebo and a picnic table.

At the dump.

So, I am asking, would anyone out there like to book an oom-pah band and have an afternoon picnic with me at the dump?

What's good dump food anyway?


mamiesb said...

Food that has nearly no aroma (like tapioca or cold toast), or such an intense one that it blocks out everything else (like a really good garlic sauce, or a good stew).

Dwight said...

I'd definitely go to a picnic at the dump, but when I read your description I kept picturing the setting as a forgotten Antonioni movie with Monica Vitti (circa 1964) silently eating a sandwich with lots of seagulls flying around. Ah, the modernist romance of landfills.