10 September 2007

Kids' Game

Watched a 10-month-old eat last night.

He was really into the mashed potatoes. Liked peas too. And he bore a striking resemblance to Henry Rollins.

Kids are funny about food. I've got a niece who won't eat anything but chocolate and French fries. Talk about living the life. If I could eat nothing but chocolate and French fries and maintain a reasonable weight and metabolism, you'd never see me out of the house. I'd sit in the kitchen all day with the Hershey's and the Utz.

I bet that would get really gross after a while.

But kids can pull off food-things that adults can't touch. Example: baby-food. Why do we spend money buying food for our most vulnerable human friends that we wouldn't feed our cats?

Baby-food sucks.

Babies know this. Ever watched a baby being fed? That face they make? Uh-huh. That's the beginning of profanity right there.

But they deal.

My kids' favorite is sushi. Every couple of weeks I pick up a pack of Nori sheets from the grocer and roll avacados and cucumbers for dinner. The kids have helped me discover a few things, too. I think it was their idea to put strawberries in the sushi. Talk about genius. If you've never eaten strawberries with sticky rice and seaweed, you just haven't lived.

Funny. When I was a kid, my favorite was Count Chocula. And I don't just mean that it was my favorite high-octane teeth-rotter. I mean it was my absolute favorite food. Count Chocula and bowling-alley pizza. More proof that I was a born Epicurian.


MJ said...

Does that mean when our kids grow up their favorite food will be chocolate/sugar cereal?

Mike said...

Count Chocula, Frankenberry and Boo Berry are 2 for $4 at Superfresh this week. Just picked up all three. Tasty.