26 August 2007

Nice animal. Can you put it on a stick?

What is it about State Fairs?

MJ and I took the kids to the Maryland State Fair this afternoon. Her brother had gotten tickets through his work, so how could we refuse?

I remember going to the State Fair as a kid. Loved it. Lots of animals, rides, games. Even now, the idea of going to the fair takes me back to those days.

So we all went a-fairing. And I think we had a good time. Watched a cow giving birth. Stepped in horse-dung. The kids ate something on a stick.

Yeah. The stick. The one with food on it.

Whoever came up with this idea?

You spend an hour walking through the Cow Palace looking at beautiful, big-eyed, local heifers and then you enter a line that leads to a counter where you can order that beautiful, big-eyed, local heifer (or at least a distant relation) on a stick.

How sick is that?

Could you imagine a family reunion where Uncle Bob was being served on toast?

And then they want us to spend $5 to get on the Tilt-A-Whirl and not throw up.

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Dwight said...

Whenever I go to a fair, I wander around thinking of nothing but funnel cakes and other kinds of fried dough, but then I feel guilty, for some reason, and always end up buying caramel apples because I am able to convince myself that because they contain fruit they are good for me.