06 August 2007

Finding the Perfect Maté: Pt 2

Just finished engineering a recording session along the Patapsco River, and I had the opportunity to compare several varieties of liquid stimulants and energy boosters. The verdict: 1) don't drink a quart of iced tea on an empty stomach 2) espresso is served in a tiny cup for a reason 3) yerba maté remains the lord of heppy liquid stimulation.

Can one really speak too fondly of the yerba maté?

I've decided to write a haiku to the jungle leaf:

yerba maté drink
summer in the patapsco
my ears are ringing


Jennifer said...

Did I miss part 1?

I'm enjoying this blog, although it's better when I imagine the stories delivered in Shelly's voice. Maybe it should be a podcast. Or something with video to capture the poker face, followed by the dissolve into righteous indignation or giggles, circumstances depending. Also it helps when MJ chimes in since that adds another layer of reality.

mike said...

I agree. Podcast this blog and add commentary by MJ.

R said...

nice haiku. nothing says "devotion" like a spontaneously generated haiku.