15 August 2007

All You Need Is Wasabi

I'm beat.

Been working the last few nights to finish the mix of a new album. Been working on this beast since December. It's time to finish it.

There's only one thing that got me through last night: Wasabi Edamame.

That's right, I owe whatever inspiration might exist on those mixes to a horseradish-covered soybean.

Ever think how much more peaceful the world would be if we covered everything in Wasabi? Really now, have you ever seen anyone wage an act of aggression, abuse authority, belittle the meek, or pander to ignorance whilst in the midst of a sinus-clearing Wasabi injection?

I think the stuff should be mandatory in Washington, D.C.

Let's get an Amendment written: mandatory continuous two-minute Wasabi shots during waking hours for all members of the executive and legislative branches (not the Supreme Court... I don't think they'd be able to handle the Wasabi. We'd have to start them out on something that made them more alive to begin with. Maybe lithium).

Just think about it:

President: Mr. Ahmadinejad should know that the nuclear option is not off the... WHOA NELLIE! [gasping for air / hands waving furiously].

Press Corps: Mr. President, Mr. President, are you alright?!?

President: Whew. [eyes watering]... Yeah, but let's go, I've only got two minutes before the next one. Anyone got a glass of water? Where was I?

Press Corps: The nuclear option.

President: Yeah, well screw all that. Can I get one of them Maki Rolls?

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

My husband is obsessed with wasabi covered peas. Maybe there's a support group to be started here....