23 April 2008

I feel like I have no friends in PA

Dear Pennsylvania,

I hope you choke on yr cheesesteak.


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Dwight S said...

As a reluctant Philadelphia resident (believe me, I'd much prefer to be drinking a Natty Boh on the Avenue right now), I have to say while that the basic premise of this post ("Pennsylvania sucks!") is correct, as a food-based blog it could stand some alteration. Cheesesteaks are a Philadelphia phenomenon, and Philadelphia voted 65%-35% for Obama. Even "I hope you choke on your pretzels" isn't quite right since Lancaster County (Amish country) went 54%-46% for Obama. It's Pittsburgh you should be hating, since they did go for Clinton. So I guess it should be "I hope you choke on your delicious
Primanti Brothers
french fry sandwiches."