30 October 2007

The Revolution Will Be Made of Ham?

My sons are obsessed with ham sandwiches.

I don't know why. Perhaps it is their first act of rebellion. The ham eaters versus the vegetarians. Hmm.

I am wondering if any of you of parenting-experience have this sort of thing happening. I just let them go ahead and eat whatever they want so long as it's relatively healthy. By the same token, I only cook veggie (and mostly vegan) at home.

I feel like if I try to 'make' them eat a certain thing, I'm sure to raise a Dick Cheney. So, I let 'em go and figure out their own taste. That said, they of course depend on me for either making or buying the grub. Thus, they are huge fans of tofu and seitan.


Savvy said...

i've also heard that there's a "clean your plate" complex that can develop if eating is forced... children are complicated.

Anonymous said...

...for the entire second grade year, my daughter prefered home-made peanut butter crackers as her "sandwich" for lunch...for third and now fourth grade, she prefers bologna sandwiches (plain) every day...who know what it will be next year...