25 October 2007

Chicken Bones

Has anyone else noticed all the chicken bones lying around the sidewalks and gutters of Baltimore? All over the place.

What's with this? I went down to visit Edgar Allan Poe's grave and leading into the graveyard there was a trail of chicken bones. And then, right there sitting on the site of Poe's original resting place (they moved him... he's still in the same churchyard, just in a spot with better lighting...) there's a pair of Blair Witch - style chicken bone totems.


MJ said the area around Charles Center is littered with bones. And Khan said he saw a lady get out of a car downtown and when she opened the door a ton of chicken bones fell out of the car.

What's with this? Anyone else in town notice this? Any of you living in other cities notice bones littering your neighborhoods? And what about this mysterious lady and her mobile collection of chicken skeletons?


Anonymous said...
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R said...

ok, so you know what this chicken bone thing reminds me of? some stupid movie... (i'm working on recalling the name...) the virgin suicides, i believe? and one of the girls on this psych ward had this thing with eating only fried chicken and then re-constructing the chicken-bones after she ate it.

maybe the lady in the car has the same issue. with chicken bones.

really, i dunno, but this post was so odd, it warranted a comment.


Kathy said...

I can practically see Poe's grave from my office, and I have noticed the chicken bone phenomenon downtown. I also notice that there are usually clumps of hair floating around, from some bad weave. My theory is that it has something to do with voodoo....