15 July 2007

Dwight, the Nighthawk

Dwight Swanson collects home movies. And when I mean 'collects', I mean like has created a museum of the things (more about this tomorrow). In addition of his love of Super 8, Dwight is also quite the connoisseur when it comes to diners. Tomorrow, Dwight will ramble poetic on this love; but as a teaser, here is a list he put together of the 13 best diners in the contiguous 48.

13 Diners I have loved (in a roughly chronological order):

L.A. Diner, Boulder, CO
Denver Diner, Denver, CO
Highland Park Diner, Rochester, NY
A-1 Diner, Gardiner, ME
South Street Diner, Boston, MA
Modern Diner, Pawtucket, RI
Norm’s Diner, Groton, CT
Michigan Street Diner, Milwaukee, WI
Boulevard Diner, Dundalk, MD
Hollywood Diner, Baltimore, MD
Mayfair Diner, Philadelphia, PA
Zip’s Diner, Dayville, CT
Hollywood Diner, Dover, DE

He miss anything?


Dwight said...

Actually, I don't know if I necessarily consider these the "best" (though I'd fight anyone who doesn't love the A-1), they're just the ones I have the strongest fond reminiscences of.

Savanna said...

i'm a pretty serious fan of the Papermoon in baltimore..