31 July 2008

Shelly Blake-Plock gets Food Poisoning... Again.

I am the perfect guy to ask about food poisoning. So, some of you know about the notorious bout of E. Coli that got me laid up in St. Agnes Hospital a few years back. Well, guess what happens last weekend?


I have to admit, Salmonella (so named because the man who discovered it was one Dr. Salmon) can't hold a finger to E. Coli. Yes, there's much more on the vomiting end (16 times in two hours...), but the diarrhea is weak and stomach cramps can't touch dehydration-hallucinations.

So what's left to catch? Any more good food-borne illnesses out there?

BTW, here's a short film we made a ways back inspired by my first bout. Enjoy.


mj said...

You didn't mention the part about licking the turtle.

Savanna Leigh said...

i thought licking was reserved for particular toads?

Elizabeth said...

Ack! Not fun.
You need more preservatives in your diet, nobody gets food poisioning from processed foods do they?

Anonymous said...

why were you eating raw eggs anyway? getting ready for a bout with Apollo Creed?