05 May 2008

Scandal 2008! My Pirogies!

Alright. Regular readers will understand what I'm talking about here.

So, I've been upbraided by residents of the fine city of Pittsburgh. Just goes to show that I can't exactly put full faith in a certain correspondent in the field whose name happens to rhyme with 'Blight'.

Allow me to set the record straight: Pittsburgh did the right thing; I got bad information (ok, so maybe I should have actually like read the paper or something to verify facts rather than just reference a guy from Philly with a diner fetish...). After all that, it was Allegheny County which I should have been boycotting.

All this information distresses me. BECAUSE I LOST AN ENTIRE WEEK OF SWEET PIROGI EATING!

Dwight, how could you! How could you pass on this faulty intelligence and then let it slide as I suffered through a week without cheese filled potato dumplings!

This is going to take time. I need to heal.

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Dwight S said...

Look, I love Pittsburgh, with its charming inclined railways and Warholian museums. Some of my best friends are Pittsburghers! But it seems like splitting hairs to boycott foods from "Allegheny County, except for the county seat".

Allegheny County election results

At any rate, I think it's time to move on, since based on the polls, it's likely that by tomorrow we'll be looking for Indiana foodstuffs to boycott.