13 December 2007

Oscar Mayer Commercial -1973

My aunt worked in the Oscar Meyer plant in Philadelphia around the time this commericial was made. She worked on the scrapple line.

For those of you not well-informed, scrapple translates as "everything else, ground up into yummy mush".

Anyhow, my aunt found herself in the odd position of losing a finger to the assembly line choppers. That is, she lost a finger that was mangled and smashed into the scrapple you may have served for breakfast in 1973.

Yeah, they didn't bother to stop the presses. Like you woulda known.


1 comment:

Elizabeth said...

As disgusting as it is, if you put enough syrup on it, you can forget you are eat parts of a pig that just should not be eaten.
Guess it's a Pennsylvania thing....but srapple is nummy!!!