03 December 2007

Is there a doctor in the house?

I've been eating food.

Haven't been near the computer in a few days. Too busy eating food. And then came down with a late-autumn sinus thing which actually makes tasting food impossible. Strange sensation.

On Sat we had a pre-birthday birthday thing for MJ -- this followed a massively stomach-filling trip to Akbar with Aaron for the afternoon buffet-- yesterday morning was a coffee-fueled brunch for Melissa's birthday and last night Dierker (whose birthday it also is) and family came over for some of my own Indian cooking.

And then this morning I wake up and can't breathe. Which leads me to the question of the week: why does stuff taste funny when you are sick?

I am counting on all you doctors out there to set me straight on this one. Post away.


Kathy said...

Not a doctor here, but I think it's because you can't smell the food when your nose is stuffed up, and smelling is integral to tasting.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with doctor kathy.